Singapore: Day 1 v2.0

The need of the new version of Singapore Day 1 is due to the new outfit on that day! Yes, that’s how complex and sophisticated we process blogging- believe it or not. If you’re new to this kind of processes, take it seriously at your own peril 😀

Do they hire human mannequin here? I think I am quite fitted 😀
Welcome to my mansion. What we only have here is a grand stair, nothing more! #designfail
Huge Merlion in Sentosa
I’m inside the Merlion’s mouth.

I changed outfits on that day because of the weather. The temperature was on average 32°C outside, and it was really hot. Walking for a mile could consume most of my energy. Well, I am used to hot weather here in the Philippines, but the humidity in SG was just unbearable.  To me, comfort is of prime importance than anything else. People would often commend my outfit choices…I am thankful, but it’s the least of my concerns in terms of myself and people I am dealing with. I don’t do outfit planning, it comes naturally. The way I dress myself is my response to my environment and my needs.DSC_1087

And again, as my advice not to look tacky when you need to reveal some skin is to balance your ensemble out. If the top is too revealing, cover the lower, and vice versa. I am telling this not in a condescending way… of course, true sexiness comes from confidence through your personal expression which includes how would you like to project yourself using clothes


Sooo unrelated to the SG weather and my outfit, but important to mention: I was also happy on that day because I had the chance to meet my long time Singaporean friend after five years.



Karl Lagerfeld wool skirt (thrift shop)/ top / Charles and Keith sandals (Charles and Keith store)



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