Singapore: Day 1


If you are following me on Instagram or have checked my Anna Marie loves you Facebook page, I have promised… in the past few weeks … that I will share the beauty of Singapore through pictures on my blog. That’s why here I am rushing my blogger self into posting my first day in Singapore lah! 😀

I know you wouldn’t accept my apologies because this blog is sooo important to you (rolling my eyes hard 😀 ), but let me explain. When I went back from my trip, it is no exaggeration that I was almost living in the office for two weeks. There were lots of work to catch up!!! I worked even on Sundays (I hate working on Sundays because it is my recharge day, but I had to).

Okay, enough with my lame excuses!

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, so here it is:




If there’s one word to describe Singapore, I would say it is simply “magnificent”. It is a utopia of the modern world.  This is seen from many aspects like building designs, harmonious living of people from different cultures and religions, transportation system, sustainability of resources, etc. For example, I was particularly thrilled with the building below, wherein viewing from one side, it has a planar illusion. From mathematical/geometrical point of view, it’s very simple but amazing! DSC_0909I think the urban design truly reflects people living there- different designs but very beautiful to look at. I mean, in Singapore there are lots of Chinese, Arabs, Muslims, Indians, Malays, Caucasian, black, etc. who are harmoniously and comfortably interacting with each other, and from my observation, minimal to zero bias of cultural background.  For instance, while I was perusing something in a store, a Muslim girl who was fully covered appreciated my exposed waistline… like… with full admiration! Furthermore, many temples of different religions are just few blocks away from each other. I just love that kind of society. Oh, did I mention that their transportation is superb too! The design is very strategic and, and hence our ride was very smooth even if we had to transit going to various tourist spots. From my POV, it is one of the easiest cities to navigate, plus, the locals were very helpful.DSC_0936

Next post tomorrow will be Day 1 v2.0. You will know why there’s a need of v2.0 of Day 1. Are you excited? 😀



When on trip, I like comfortable clothes. For day 1 I opted to wear: Armani top (thrift shop) / Burberry skirt (thrift shop) / Charles and Keith sandals (Charles and Keith store)  / Guess sunnies




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