Elegance in white

New Year, new month, new (biological) age, new me…. new better me! 😀

If you have seen my posts in the past years, you might have noticed that I’d put so many accessories! The more accessories and more colorful my outfits are, the merrier! This type of loud look is a reflection of my adventurism as I get into adulthood.

Since I have been facing many challenges and responsibilities, I can safely say that having rough times refined my taste and composure in life. I am unconsciously projecting this maturity into my outfit. Right now, I am leaning towards minimalism, but have to be highly efficient. I believe that our clothes is an art expression of ourselves. So, translating my personality into an outfit, I prefer that my clothes are composed of two or three color palettes but still whisper excitement and elegance.

Here, I am going to show how to possibly pull off an all-white outfit without looking dull… or so I thought!!! Hahaha! You be the judge of that! 😉



Adding some touch of gold with white always exudes timeless elegance.


Some sciency FYI or Physics in particular, white physically brightens you as it reflects light. So, basically this is perfect for tan skinned people like me. I feel so (re)fresh in this outfit!!! 😀

What’s the verdict? Tell me what you think?! 😀



Oh, PS:  Upon editing this blog post, I was laughing at myself because I spotted my all-time favorite “silver” watch while indulging on promoting “white & gold” combo. Of all accessories, I can barely put down that watch. I feel lost and bare without it! Fashion flaw, but it’s all good!!! 😀

Details: Mexx dress / Belle sandals / Charles and Keith bag / SM fancy gold necklace



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