Bridging Gaps: AMLY Meets Ann Jacobe


I’m all for women with substance. Those who follow their dreams and pursuits despite the challenges. Those who can carry a calm demeanor yet exhibit strength when the situation calls for it. Those who want to change the world with every contribution they make. Ann Jacobe is a woman that deserves every description above.

When I read about her in InStyle Magazine PH article, it gave me an inspiration to execute my idea of profiling women (& men) like her on my blog. So, I initially struck a conversation with her on Facebook and we met up on a sunny Friday morning to talk about her lifestyle, her endeavours and her never-ending mission to bridge the gap in everything she does.


Hi Ann, can you give us a brief overview of what you do?

I guess I can call myself a multipreneur. A wearer of different hats.

I am the Founder of Appstart Academy (a center for Appreneurs,, Shoephoric (a community for shoe lovers, (, Ann’s Dairy Free Ice Cream, Sweet Tooth Crew, The Playground – our venture into wellness/fitness – all housed under my mother company Geeks MNL Inc.

There are more things that I am doing and planning as of the moment.  I also do some travelling, dancing and shoe shopping in my spare time.

They say, starting a company can be very risky, but you took that path. Who inspired you and where did you find courage to build your own?


 Ever since I was in school, I always believed that I wanted to be the boss in my own company. Not that I don’t like being bossed around but I’d rather carry out my own vision than someone else’s. I would prefer to do things the way I like it and I want to create solutions for anything that I foresee can be beneficial to me and the individuals around me.

For example, at Shoephoric we bridge the gap between shoe lovers and merchants. Shoephoric serves as a platform for users to share their collective passion for shoes. Not only does it connect, it breaks barriers for everyone to enjoy shoes and the culture behind it.

Appstart Academy on the other hand connects our aspiring talents to the opportunity-rich scene of app building. It’s just my way of helping bridge the gap between people and their interests as well as their life goals.

From what I have read and heard, top executives are very hard-working people. I am just curious… do you work on weekends?

I would take the plunge if needed. But as much as possible, I’d play it wise and finish everything before the weekend so I can do the things I love with my loved ones too.

I experienced that 24/7 route especially when I just started our company. And it paid off, so yes, I won’t mind doing it again.

Balance is important to me. I view life as a playground. I’ve even created my very own playbook for it which I use daily which I call LIOP (Life Is Our Playground) it is a celebration of balancing your life and the things you have to do and love to do. There are five areas in our lives to play to feel balanced and fulfilled: physical, social, lifestyle, learning, and spiritual. You can check it out on my blog:

AMLY is a style blog, which aims to empower women through suggesting on how to look their best. I observe that you have an innate sense of style? Tell us about your style.

unnamed (3)downloadunnamed (4)

Well, for me I treat my style as a collage of everything. I can rock the Boho Chic on laid back days, wear killer heels for Tango, go for the streetwear and sneakers on hectic sneaker events and go power dressing with sophisticated pairs for business.

My style is hardly to categorize into one specific look. This translates to my personality, wherein I love to explore various things. It’s in my adventurous nature.

Do you have any tips to share on how to achieve your dreams?

Just be passionate about everything that you do. Just follow your instincts, I’m not talking solely about your dreams but for dressing up as well. The way you dress will be integral to how the world perceives you. Back up that look with a positive attitude and success will follow.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Do visit and download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Thank you AMLY for the time!



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