Feeling blue

IMG_0762Becoming a style blogger can require lots of hard work. I have no entourage to assist me, so I do almost all the things to produce a glamour output- styling, putting makeup on, thinking of the concept, writing the content, and sometimes I am my own photographer. With all the things that I have learnt from being a one-man show –PLUS-  meeting incredible people across the industry, I couldn’t complain though!

Since I have separate personal and professional activities to deal with, managing my time and my emotions are very challenging especially if there are readers/fans who are expecting me to post at least one per month.

Recently, I am trimming down the amount/size of my clothes. I want minimalist and comfortable ones yet it is still stylist.


Be a minimalist yet bold chic by turning your comfy outfit into an exciting ensemble through mixing vibrant colors. This mixing technique is called color blocking.


A combination of two hues of blue (sky blue shirt and navy blue shorts)  is sexy, don’t you agree?


Oh, by the way, “feeling blue” is not the idiomatic expression. Here, I’m referring it to the freshness I could feel brought by the blue colors– Does it make sense? Eh, whatevs!  Just always remember, A-M loves you! 😀



Photo by:Anthony Castaneda




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